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Vadim  00:11

All right. And we are back in class. This is Vadim, the CBD professor from cbdschool.com: Your school to learn all about cannabidiol. Hey, everyone, it’s Vadim, the CBD professor from CBD School. And I think you are really going to enjoy this podcast episode I did with Dave and Jim, the founders of CANVIVA. Before we get into the episode, I do want to tell you a little bit about them because they are of course the sponsor for this episode, and they have a special deal for the listeners of the CBD School Podcast. 20% off with coupon code CBD-School20 at canviva.com. Remember the dash in the coupon code. I know the coupon codes typically don’t have a dash in there but it’s CBD-School20 at canviva.com, which is spelled CANVIVA.com.

Now let me tell you a little bit about CANVIVA. These tinctures, I am super impressed by these tinctures that they’ve got. What they’re doing is taking the entourage effect to the next level. So as we know, the entourage effect is a theory that you get more from a natural plant-based product when you take it in its all compound form as opposed to just an isolate. So when you’re taking it the way that the plant is structured, with all the different components acting together as an orchestra, as opposed to one instrument playing by itself. So think of it as a violin, which can be beautiful on its own, but then compare that to a violin as part of a whole orchestra or a string quartet. That’s the entourage effect, and CANVIVA — remember, you can find them at canviva.com — is taking that to the next level.

They have these functional tinctures that are especially made for different types of categories that you might want to use them for. They have one for rest, they have one for recovery, they have one for restore, they have one for sleep, there’s tons. They also have one for that’s just a pure full-spectrum CBD. So what they’ve done is they’ve combined CBD oil, full-spectrum CBD oil, with essential oil ingredients like coriander. I never know how to say this. Ylang-ylang, bergamot, thyme, fenugreek, just different ingredients that have been known to have therapeutic properties, plant-based, obviously, and combine them into these special category-focused tinctures. Like I was saying, there’s one for boost, calm. There’s one that’s for focus. There’s one for recovery. And there’s also just pure high-potency CBD full-spectrum oil if that’s what you are looking for. And just for the listeners of the CBD School Podcast, head on over to CANVIVA. That’s CANVIVA.com and use the special coupon code just for you. That’s CBD-School20 to claim 20% off any of their great tinctures and they also do have topicals as well and pet products if that is what you are looking for.

So that’s it for the ad. Sorry if it went a little bit long, but I did want to tell you all about their products. I really enjoy talking to Dave and Jim. They have the right approach when it comes to CBD. These guys are professionals. They know what they’re doing and they know where they’re going in this market. So I really hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. Enjoy the show.

On today’s episode of the CBD School Podcast, I am sitting down with Dave and Jim, who are the owners of CANVIVA CBD. And we are going to go into what got them into CBD, what their plans are for the company and what makes their products unique and more. So stay tuned for the show. Let’s just introduce Dave and Jim. Welcome to the show, guys.

Jim  05:03

Glad to be here. This is Jim Zimmerman, and my partner is…

Dave  05:08

Dave Rye.

Vadim  05:08

Great, guys. Happy to have you.

Jim  05:11

We’re happy to be here.

Vadim  05:12

So I always ask my guests, where are you calling in from?

Jim  05:14

We are in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where we got a bright sunny winter day.

Vadim  05:19

Yes. Early winter this year, right?

Jim  05:23

Early winter every year, but this year in particular.

Vadim  05:26

Did you get a lot of snow?

Jim  05:27

No, fortunately, we haven’t had a lot of snow, but we had some very early cold, single-digit temperatures. And so it started early. And hopefully it’ll end early.

Vadim  05:37

Yeah, I’ve been to Minneapolis many times. There’s a lot of lakes in Minnesota. I remember that.

Jim  05:44

That’s true.

Vadim  05:45

And the movie Fargo.

Jim  05:46

Oh, well, we all agree with that down for many years, you betcha. The ultimate rubes, but that’s okay.

Vadim  05:55

Well, so tell us your background. I mean, how did you get into CBD? What’s the story of your partnership together? What were you doing before CBD?

Jim  06:05

All right, terrific. Well, good question. Dave and I both got to our CANVIVA business through the root of our careers, which are extensively in CPG food marketing and brand development. So I’ll give my background briefly and then Dave can talk about his. But after grad school at Columbia, I went to work at General Foods in New York, where I was heavily involved in new products, manage the jello business, launched a number of new products, came home to Pillsbury as director of new business development of new products, where we created and launched a number of new products. Started a marketing agency, the Zimmerman Group, about exactly 35 years ago, that was really focused and dedicated to developing new brands and new products. And we developed over 250 new brands and new products that we launched for companies including Nestle, PepsiCo, General Mills, Land O Lakes, Conagra, and others. And so new business is my career and in my blood and something that I really love. And Dave, I first met when he was a client, and he can tell you about that relationship. But we go back probably about 30 years. So I’ll let Dave tell you his background.

Dave  07:13

So Vadim, in the mid 80s, was working with Cargill, another Minneapolis business, was in the agricultural and food product side, met Jim as an agency hire that was one of the first that Cargill had and then subsequently worked through both egg, poultry, value-added meats on both the domestic and global basis. And most of my time was spent working across the McDonald’s system, where we had a global book of business about two and a half billion dollars and 40 plants worldwide. So I felt very fortunate that I was able to work with two good companies that worked on a very strategic basis, and really did a lot in the value creation and innovative side. So having reconnected with Jim back three, four years ago here in Minneapolis, you know, we started taking a look at the CBD and cannabis marketplace. It’s one that we saw as a once in a lifetime type opportunity. And we wanted to take our backgrounds and skill sets and whatnot and frame out a business that was going to be recognized as a high quality, effective and educating type group. So we formed CANVIVA.

Vadim  08:22

That’s great. Thank you for the introduction. So it sounds like you both have experience with the consumer packaged goods and food products.

Jim  08:30

We sure do. And the team that I had at the Zimmerman Group probably have a cumulative experience level about 300 years of new business development and launch. And so we’ve pivoted that team to CANVIVA. And all of the work that we do is done in-house from our website development, social media, package, design, branding, blogging, everything else. So it’s a really ideal natural fit for us. And what Dave and I experienced as we really assessed and evaluated the CBD category that the one thing that was really missing were trusted brands and CPG approaches. So it’s their 2000 brands of CBD, they’re mostly all mom and pop. None of the major players are into the CBD space yet. We know they’re coming, but we’ve had a lot of experience with developing brands that are then strategic acquisition targets for major companies when they decide to enter a new category. That’s our approach with CANVIVA. We’ll develop it exactly as we would if we were hired by Unilever or Nestle or PepsiCo to enter the category. So when they come shopping to enter the category, we want to be teed up as an obvious entry point for them.

On FDA Regulation in the CBD Industry

Vadim  09:48

One thing you said there — we got to talk about — is the quality in the industry. I mean, the marketing is just way ahead of the regulation and the standards. I don’t understand why such a simple product. It’s a relatively simple product compared to, let’s say chemical cleaners that are used, you know, that could kill people, that are used inside everyone’s house right now, way more dangerous than CBD. Why can’t there be some standards set up to make these products safe? And I’m sure you and your team have battled that in your own way. Can you talk about your experience on trying to make a safe, regulated standardized product?

Jim  10:28

Absolutely. It’s really sad that the government has responded so ineffectively and so slowly. At least a year ago, everybody knew the Farm Bill was going to pass and CBD would be legalized and so standards and claims and that type of thing needed to be addressed by the FDA. And it’s really sad that the first meeting they had to really even talk about CBD was the end of May of this year, fully a year after they knew it was coming and they knew it’s their job to really provide clarity. All the major retailers are sitting on the sidelines, eagerly wanting to sell CBD because they know it’s a very effective product, their customers want to buy it from them instead of the strip malls and some of the places, head shops, where they have to go now to get it. So they’re eager for regulation, we are very eager for regulation.

You see so much bad information, so much misinformation, so many bad products that aren’t third-party tested, on and on and on. So it’s certainly our goal and our hope that the FDA will do its job sooner rather than later. And provide clarity, clean out the bad actors, and really make this a much more effective category to perform in. So we are very frustrated, as are most of the people in the category. And so we’re very eager for that to come to pass. The information we have is we think the USDA is going to provide some more clarity by the end of the year and the FDA will follow behind that early next year. And hopefully at that point, the path will be much clearer for major retailers, major manufacturers to aggressively move forward. And we expect there to be a very aggressive push once the clarity is provided.

Vadim  12:16

Exactly. I think every legitimate brand out there is actually waiting and hoping for that clarity and regulation. The legitimate actors aren’t trying to hide or anything. And especially recently with this vaping crisis, it would be a crappy podcast if I didn’t ask your thoughts on that with this vaping crisis.

Jim  12:36

Yeah, and it’s a very real crisis. So we, from the beginning, said we have no interest in being in the vaping segment. That’s just not who we are. But there’s no doubt that even though the vaping crisis is really not due to CBD and it’s CBD that’s affecting vaping, nonetheless, a lot of people, or at least some people will think that CBD is part of the vaping crisis. So that’s very unfortunate. One of the things that we think will happen is that we know that vaping — if you want to get CBD into your blood system quickly, that’s probably a faster delivery system than tinctures. But now that vaping will have a legitimately negative halo over it, we think that will help the tincture business as people will see that as a better way to take CBD and an effective way to take CBD. So we expect that part to benefit us. And we would expect to see vaping decline fairly significantly as it gets all the negative publicity.

Vadim  13:39

Yeah, yeah, I think you’ve made the probably the right choice with not doing a vape product. And the vaping, it’s true. It is unfortunately one of the fastest ways to get the CBD in the system. But the tinctures I’d say come pretty close. And I know your product line, which we’ll get all into, but one of your products is a soluble, right? Is that one designed to be the fastest absorbed product?

Dave  14:05

I was just going to add that it has a microtechnology that does have a better absorption rate than sublingual, but at the same time, Vadim, you are digesting that, where you really have to be cognizant of, you know, what your intake is and what amount of milligram from a dosing standpoint you’d like. So it does better than say a gummy as far as the bioavailability, but again, sublingual under the tongue is giving you that best transfer.

CBD Tinctures for Specific Functional Benefits

Vadim  14:35

Well, let’s get into your tinctures actually because I think everyone listening, I think CANVIVA has — look, I’ve looked at hundreds of brands and you guys have nailed down the not symptom specific because these aren’t medicines, we can’t talk about them like that, but category specific products. So for the listeners out there, check out CANVIVA and you will see. We did our product review over at cbdschool.com where you can find the review. But they have just so many different tinctures for each different — I guess how would you call it? Not conditions.

Jim  15:07

Probably its functional benefits. So we know that CBD has the ability to help in a number of different ways, from anxiety to joint and muscle pain, sleep, and clarity and others. And so what we wanted to do was to fortify those, start with our PURE Certified CBD oil, which we’re trying to set the standard and quality of CBD oil, so people know that it’s US grown, organic, third-party tested, et cetera. But we start with that and then we enhance each of the tinctures with essential oils and a terpene blend that we know will enhance its performance against that specific functional benefit, again, like sleep and so on.

So we’re working with the University of Minnesota who is, I think, well in the lead and hemp research. They’ve been for the last four years. When theoretically, it was illegal to do research, they’ve been doing it. And so they’re ahead of the pack, but they’re doing the terpene analysis and assessment to really understand, again, what each terpene specifically benefits. So we want to make each of those functional products to be as effective as it possibly can be for each of those benefits.

I think a lot of our competitors are literally offering flavors and strengths. It’s their tincture lineup. And, you know, we think it’s much better than kind of saying one CBD tincture cures all conditions or helps all conditions, not cures. That’s certainly the wrong word. But again, it’s sort of like if you want to buy our tincture, we’ve got flavors and strengths and you decide what you want. Whereas we think it’s going to be better given all the different things that CBD can actually help to develop specific products specifically formulated to address that opportunity. So that’s the approach we’re going to take and we’re going to continue. As research comes out, we’re about to field five clinical studies for ourselves, and to again, really hone in on exactly how we can make these products more effective and make claims based on clinical studies.

Vadim  17:10

Yeah, that’s great. I think people use CBD for different reasons. You know, one person might use it for sleep, another person uses it for muscle soreness, or an athlete for better recovery. So having these different categories makes it just unique to each person. I like how it’s also the same amount of CBD in each one in addition to the other ingredients, essential oils, that you’ve added in. And how again is the soluble one? How is that supposed to be used? Is that for mixing into stuff? What’s the purpose of the soluble one?

Dave  17:44

Soluble is really about having CBD your way. You can have it as a beverage addition, you can put it into recipes. Our team spends a lot of time on application to incorporate that into your daily opportunity to consume CBD. So if you think about bottled water today that sells for $6, $7 a bottle, you can now take and put our soluble under your dose strength and have that opportunity and a much more sustainable offering. So you have both savings and a sustainability play. You can put it into recipes. And as I mentioned earlier, you can actually incorporate the dose strength for what you feel your body’s best benefit is.

Jim  18:27

Vadim, and  the reason we were attracted to it is, again, we were seeing our suppliers and a lot of others selling CBD water. And again, as Dave said, at a very high price. So what that gave you is you got what you got. So you got the strength you got, you got the quantity you wanted. So if you wanted a beverage that was twice as much in terms of strength or fluid ounces, you know, you got what you got. The other major benefit is environmental sustainability. So when you think of the people that are using the water bottles of CBD, I think, I’m trying to remember our soluble, how many equivalent — you can make equivalent of 50 bottles worth of CBD water with our one soluble tincture. So if you think of that, somebody using CBD water would have 50 water bottles going into landfills, whereas if they use their own water bottle and our soluble, they would not have any of that waste. So we like that benefit of it too. But again, mainly it’s the ability to use it exactly how you want it rather than, you know, the limited ways you can actually buy it.

Vadim  19:34

Exactly, exactly. That’s great. And I know you also have two other products. You have the two topicals and then the pet products. Is that right?

Jim  19:42


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