Can You Cure Fibromyalgia With Fasting?

What a great question, and yes, I think you can. That’s not how I did it, but I have experimented with fasting a bit and have had some interesting results. First, let me say that I cured fibromyalgia with a combination of stretching, supplementation, guaifenesin therapy, bodywork, and emotional processing (trying to change the way I react to things to stop releasing so many stress chemicals in my body).

It took me almost 6 years to consider myself cured, because I no longer have pain and I sleep great and my energy levels are normal or above normal. Because of everything I did to get myself healthy I have become very interested in my health and so I read about fasting.

I have tried a 24 hour fast once a week, and once I even fasted for 48 hours. I have had some very interesting results that make me believe fasting is health-promoting, when done properly (under a doctor’s supervision).

On my 48 hour fast, at the end of it, I started feeling some strange sensations in my body – sensations I equate with bodywork. I felt like my body was clearing out stress chemicals and metabolic waste out of my bigger muscle groups. I know what this feels like in my body because of my 6 year history reversing fibromyalgia.

The difficulty with fibromyalgia and fasting is anyone with fibromyalgia is going to be having pain and sleep issues anyway, and fasting will probably create more of those at the beginning. It could be unbearable.

And, I have found that unless I am away from my normal routine, fasting is quite hard. There is food everywhere. I still have to prepare food for my son. I smell and see and shop for food. For me to be successful at a long-term fast I would need to go to a retreat, I think.

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