Coconut Oil: A Marvelous Yeast Infection Remedy

Yeast infections impact 40 million Americans every single year, which is over 12% of the U.S. population. Many people think a yeast infection is something that impacts women. The truth is, however, both men and women get yeast infections. At times, couples can even pass them back and forth during intimacy.

Another facet of yeast infections that many may not realize?

These infections can occur on many parts of the body including the mouth, ears, throat, and creases in the skin. Even worse, candida can manifest inside the body–in the urinary tract, digestive system, and kidneys. Yeast grows, forming roots in the organs. This leads to leaky gut syndrome, ulcers, and a general disruption in the organs’ ability to function.

Often, a disruption in the function of one organ causes stress on the body as a whole. Internal yeast infections then lead to an overall physical stress causing fatigue and muscle aches. Similar to fermentation, the byproduct of the yeast is a toxin releasing into the body.

Coconut oil has amazing properties for fighting both internal and external yeast infections. For starters, coconut oil contains lauric acid, a powerful substance that impacts the cell walls of yeast. When the two come in contact, the cell walls of the yeast break down, weakening the yeast so much that it cannot survive.

A gradual increase in dosage is recommended for the ingestion of coconut oil. Starting with a couple of teaspoons per day and then moving up to four tablespoons per day, gradually, is a common approach.

A huge plus about coconut oil? It tastes great. You can put it into a variety of foods including: smoothies and curries. It makes a great substituted for standard cooking oil with a high heat tolerance and a long shelf life. Use instead of butter on toast for a nutty flavor to your bread. Or, be tough, and have it as-is by itself with some water. For those who have troubles swallowing due to the texture, tablets are available to make consumption easier.

Something I always like to convey: make sure your coconut oil is virgin or extra-virgin and free of hydrogenated oil. Hydrogenated oil has a negative impact on your health and if you are having health issues to start with, they can worsen with the frequent consumption of hydrogenated oil.

Coconut oil does not only combat yeast in the body but also has a positive impact on your overall health. It boosts the body’s metabolism and immune system, giving and improved sense of well being and even weight loss. Since weight retention can be a sign of an internal yeast infection and since coconut oil is an effective combatant of yeast, these two naturally go together.

Moreover, coconut oil is great for hair in skin, causing dryness and infection of the skin and scalp to subside. Coconut oil is great for relieving eczema and dandruff. With its antioxidant qualities, it even has age-reversing qualities. Now who can argue with that?

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