Do Extreme Energy or Power Wrist Bands Work?

That’s the question on the lips of millions of consumers who’ve heard testimonies of owners that are making some pretty incredible claims. People that have bought Energy or Power Bands, as they’re called by some manufacturers, claim that they’ve had stamina and flexibility restored after purchasing and wearing a band. Some of them also claim that these bands have relieved them of the pain of injuries and even arthritis. Retailers at shopping mall kiosk demonstrate the Energy Bands ability to “heal” by having shoppers without Energy Bands try to resist being pushed off balance. These shoppers always their lose balance. Then the salesperson slips a band on the shopper and repeats the demonstration and most, if not all of the time they’re unable to move the potential customer. Often these demonstrations are enough to make a sale on the spot. But do they really work?

Not a New Concept

People have proclaimed the healing powers of various chemicals and/or metals for centuries. More recently, Copper bracelets became one of the more prominent versions of this phenomena with thousands, if not millions of people buying them hoping to get relief from a variety of ailments. Regardless of the media, hope seems to be the biggest selling point of all of these devices.


Manufacturers of Energy bands make vague claims about the bands ability to help “mend” interruptions in the bodies “natural” electrical field. They go on to say that the bands use centuries old oriental science to bring balance to the body after you experience injury or joint pain. Critics point to these vague statements as reason to doubt whether there’s real science or snake oil behind these claims. But critics haven’t been able to prove that the bands and their claims are fraudulent. Meanwhile, manufacturers are selling the bands for as much as forty dollars per band.

Personal Experience

I tore the Anterior Cruciate Ligament in one of my knees when I was in my twenties and have experienced pain and limited use for thirty years after having orthoscopic surgery to repair it. The doctors said the best I can do is to strengthen the muscle in my leg above and below the knee. But no matter how strong my leg is, my knee is wobbly and painful.One day a coworker called me over and wanted to show me something. He was very excited about a new bracelet that he was wearing. He explained how he had injured his shoulder and couldn’t put a shirt on without having severe pain in his shoulder at the rotator cuff. Then he showed me how he had full range of movement in his shoulder with no pain after buying his Energy Band. He insisted I put his Energy Band on and do the balance test. He moved me off balance easily without the band. But after I put the energy band on he did the same test, pushing as hard as he could and couldn’t move me. After hearing similar testimonies from another coworker and a brother-in-law, I bought one of the bands.

In addition to the knee injury,I also have pain in an ankle that I broke when I was young. The doctor says the pain is arthritis. I haven’t had pain in my knee or in the ankle that has arthritis since I started wearing the band. I don’t know if it ‘s the band or if it’s the power of autosuggestion at work. A friend tells me one of the training methods the army uses is mind over matter. Their version of mind over matter is, if you don’t mind, it don’t matter. I guess to apply that to Power Bands the application is if you don’t mind not knowing how it works, it don’t matter. If you have a Power Band or similar, share a comment below and help answer the question, “Do Extreme Energy or Power Wrist Bands work?

An Update on Personal Experience

Six months after I started wearing my Extreme Energy Wristband, I had the opportunity to walk around Washington, DC and see the monuments there. After 3 – 4 hours of walking in very cold weather (November), I began to feel a lot of pain in my knee and ankle. I was hobbled for about two weeks after that. In all fairness, I had also began doing some exercises to “prepare” me for Tae Kwon Do lessons. This was non-contact exercise designed to loosen my joints and prepare them for contact. I’m sure the combination of walking, exercising, the severity of my injuries, and my age all contributed to the new pain I experienced. I took an Alleve and things got back to normal. By the way, these bands never claimed to cure stupid.

Wrist Bands, Necklaces, Anklets

In addition to the wristbands, the bands are manufactured as necklaces and anklets. Energy Bands can be worn while you do your normal task or just while lounging. They also come in different colors and styles. You can find them in stores and online.

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