Fur Oil – Moisturizing and ingrown – reducing oil for hair, skin, and more – 14 mL – As Seen on Shark Tank!

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Product Description


Safe for your most sensitive areas and won’t stain your silk. Specifically designed for pubic hair and skin, our signature blend of lightweight oils gently softens hair and clears pores for fewer ingrowns and healthier skin.

Fur OilFur Oil

Take a Closer Look

What: A multi-purpose hair and skin softening oil.

Where: Fur Oil is meant to be used everywhere hair meets skin, including pubic area, underarms, chest, legs, and face.

How: Apply a few drops of Fur Oil on any hair you want to soften and any skin you want to smooth and soothe. Fur Oil is residue-free and the relaxing scent dissipates within minutes. The oil is quick-drying, so it won’t stain your silk.

When: For best results, we recommend using Fur Oil as part of your every day ritual.

Multi Fur-pose: Fur Oil can do it all—try it as a cuticle softener, split end sealer, tattoo aftercare, scalp conditioner, and a bath oil.

Is Fur for you?

Fur waxing

Fur waxing

Fur shaving

Fur shaving

Fur au naturale

Fur au naturale

Fur all bodies

Fur all bodies

For Waxers

Keep your skin healthy and ingrown free between waxing sessions, and immediately post-wax to soothe red, irritated skin. With daily use, Fur Oil will prevent ingrowns, smooth skin, and make regrowth appear finer, as well as cause gentler removal of hair in treatment.

For Shavers

Keep skin completely smooth immediately post shave and soften prickly stubble as it grows back. With daily use of Fur Oil, live blissfully free of ingrowns, bumps, and razor burn.

For Au Naturale

Care for your head, face, underarms, pubic hair, and legs with equal attention. Our natural, lightweight products are effective enough for your face and gentle enough for your pubic hair and skin. Soften hair and clear pores all over your body for healthy, happy skin and hair.

For All Bodies

All of our super gentle formulas are packed with high quality ingredients to soothe and smooth skin to treat and prevent ingrowns, while softening hair and refining regrowth. And whether you shave, wax, laser, or go au naturale, Fur products play well with any haircare routine.

Fur's Co-FoundersFur's Co-Founders

Fur was founded by women who believe in clean, beautiful care for every part of the body—for every body.

As women, mothers, siblings, daughters, wives, friends and humans on the planet Earth, co-founders Laura and Lillian seek to make Fur a force for good in the world—whether this means being responsible eco-citizens, creating effective, clean products, or challenging outdated societal views that breed unneccesary shame and stigma around our bodies.

Softens skin and hair
Soothes redness
**Please note that 14mL size comes housed in tamper-resistant plastic tube. Only 75mL unit comes in outer box**

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