How Electric Field Therapy Saved a Life

Many years ago someone very close to me was diagnosed with a type of blood disorder call Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML), which is a type of cancer of the white blood cells. It is a form of leukemia characterized by the increased and unregulated growth of predominantly myeloid cells in the bone marrow and the accumulation of these cells in the blood.

This article tells the story of her life, and in hope that by sharing her story, it can help saved others who experience the same predicament as her.

She is just a normal person with a normal life and a simple lifestyle like yours and mine. Her only woe was her immune system was constantly low and as a result she falls sick easily. She also had a tonsillectomy when she was 24 years old. After the tonsillectomy her level immunity dropped even further. She could not go near within a foot of anyone that is sick, even a simple flu or cough. If she does, she will immediately catch it and she will fall sick for at least a week. She was constantly on medications and constantly consuming supplement like Vitamins B, C and E daily. One of her unhealthy habits was she was a person who doesn’t like to consume much water. Her water intake daily is less than a liter a day.

She was also not a very active person. Although she wasn’t an active person, she was not overweight either. She worked as a primary school teacher, teaching English to students from the rural areas where English is not the mother tongue. Her work was often very stressful.

She was first diagnosed with CML when she was 55 years old, right out from retirement. It all started with a high fever. Her fever was about 38.5 degree and it could not subside. She was admitted to the hospital as the doctor’s fear that she has contracted dengue. When the blood test result came out the doctor was surprised. Her white blood counts were off the roof! What followed was series of blood test and a bone marrow test. The result came out positive for CML. According to the doctors, she was a lucky woman. At the time she was diagnosed, her CML was still at a very early stage. They told her that she could live up to at least 5 years with the help of oral chemotherapy.

That was the beginning of the years of oral chemotherapy. Year by year her cancer grew so does the consumption of the oral chemotherapy drugs. First, it started with one pill a day, then it became two then finally increase to six pills a day. Then when the cancer got immune to the drug, the doctors changed her medication, each time the level of chemo increases, and again the cycle repeats. 12 years went by, it was the year 2009. Her condition deteriorated further where the cancer moved into the final accelerated phase. She was unresponsive to any chemotherapy drugs. At that point of time, there were no other drugs in the market that she has not tried, except for one, which was a trial drug. To be accepted into the trail drug program, she had to undergo weeks of testing and the doctors fed her with more drugs to stabilize her condition and to meet the minimal requirement to qualify for the program. Finally, with much hardship and 3 months of non-stop lab test she was accepted into the program. Sometimes, I really wonder if it was blessings or a cursed

Again the same story repeats. First she was consuming two pills a day for the first month but her cancer was not showing signs of improvements. So it increases to finally 6 a day. This was when the doctors stopped her pills. Her body could not take it anymore. Her blood platelets dropped to 6K which way below critical. Her gums and eyes started bleeding. Her body suffered internal bleeding. Black patches from all over her body and her body weight dropped from 45 kilograms to 35 kilograms. She grew as white as a sheet of bleached paper. She was so weak that even simple activity like walking was difficult and she was confined to her bed most of the time. She was admitted to the hospital weekly for blood transfusion. Even though she undergone blood transfusion (minimum 2 -4 packets) weekly, her platelets counts could not go above the critical level. The body could not keep the blood platelets alive and her white blood counts continue to increases. At this point the doctors gave up on her! They told her husband that there is nothing more “they” can do for her as with or without treatment, she will die!

At this point her family was desperate. They started looking for alternative treatment to help her. They tried many other traditional treatments including herbs but to no avail. Thank God, they were introduced to Electric Field Therapy, using a treatment machine call eLIFE.

She tried the therapy for a mere 5 treatment in 2 days and a miracle happened! Her platelets counts shot up to 30K! It was a count that no one even dared to dream off. For the first time in many months, she had not need to undergo blood transfusion. I could still remember that 2 days as I was beside her during her therapy and the day of her check up. I could still clearly see the smile in her eyes and the happiness in her voice and those of her other family members. Everyone was so happy. We shed tears of joy!

Since that day, the family purchased a unit of the eLIFE therapy machine for her and she has been doing her treatment every day. Now after 1.5 year since the first day of her treatment, her condition is almost back to normal. Her platelet counts is almost 120k, her white blood counts are under control with the help of a very mild dose of oral chemotherapy (6 pills per week), she had put on back her missing 10 kilograms of weight and she is no more as pale as a ghost.

She is also leading a normal and healthier lifestyle now. She consumes at least 3 liters of water a day and exercises daily. Her eyes, gums and the internal bleeding have stopped. All the black patches on her body are gone and the best of all she could continue to do all the things that she loved! Her family celebrated her recovery by having a feast in a restaurant. A meal, they had not been enjoyed since the day she fell sick 12 years ago.

This is one of the miraculous recoveries that I have seen from users of eLIFE. There are many more that I will not be able to share in this article.

I hope my story has brought hope to people who are facing the same or similar fate. Times have changed, so have technology. I believe one should always look for alternative and not put all their trust solely on medical science.

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