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Here at HuggiblesHere at Huggibles

Healthier Pets with Huggibles

Our love for animals is why we are here today. Our furry family members have brought us joy, been there with us for major family milestones, been part of our holidays and created beautiful memories. We want our pets to be here for as long as possible, staying in the best health possible.

For us humans, the healthier we feel the happier we are! But good health is not just for human kids or adults for that matter. We believe our furry family members deserve just as much thought when it comes to staying in tip top shape.

This is why we created Huggibles.

Each product we offer is created with love and thought as to what will be the most delicious and nutritiously valuable way to support the mind and bodies of our pets. In fact, our pets benefit from our supplements daily and we are happy to say they are fans.

Organic Hemp Oil for CatsOrganic Hemp Oil for Cats

What’s Inside (and why)?

Hemp seeds contain a variety of important supplements your cat needs to live optimally. Specifically, it contains various types of fatty acids, antioxidants, and phospholipids to promote their general health and wellbeing. And research has shown Organic Hemp Seed Oil to be effective at easing stress and anxiety your cat might face.

Organic Hemp Seed Oil naturally has the perfect Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio (3:1) of fatty acids which your cat needs. This helps strengthen your cat’s immune system (including fighting cancer cells), supports a healthy weight, reduces allergies, and may help promote calmness by helping with external stressors. These fatty acids also help prevent arthritis, irritable bowel disease, heart disease, diabetes, liver & kidney disease and cancer in your favorite feline.

Antioxidants contained inside Hemp Seed Oil helps your cat’s immune system fight off damage from free radicals. This aids in supporting your cat’s skin, eyes, heart, cognitive function and immune system.

Phospholipids contained in Hemp Seed Oil reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, boost your cat’s immune function, improves their cognitive disorders and supports their brain health, and helps manage inflammation and arthritis pain.

Some Key Benefits

Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and Stress

Relieves Inflamation

Relieves Inflamation

Hip and Joint Support

Hip and Joint Support

Eases Digestive Issues

Eases Digestive Issues

Reduces Anxiety and Stress

CALMING: Hemp seed oil is a rich source of Omega-3 and 6’s. Take the stress, separation anxiety, travel issues or constant barking away from your pet with our premium organic pet hemp oil.

Relieves Inflammation

HELPS WITH PAINS & ACHES – If your huggible baby is struggling with chronic pain, arthritis, knee, joints or nerve pain, Hemp oil has anti inflammatory benefits to effectively reduce it.

Hip and Joint Support

Rich Organic Hemp Oils are great herbal wellness joint supplements for cats and dogs. It’s a great pain reliever and helps with anxiety and stress reduction.

Eases Digestive Issues

Benefits include: relieving stress, anxiety, joint pain and increasing mobility, energy and immune function. THC FREE, GLUTEN FREE, NON-GMO, contains Omega 3, 6, 9. (Does NOT include Vitamin E)

Cat Hemp OilCat Hemp Oil

Organic Hemp Oil for Cat

At Huggibles we careAt Huggibles we care

Give them the best with Huggibles Hemp Oil

This calming hemp extract is also great for their health! Their coat will be glossy and shiny, and they’ll feel active and youthful again.

Helps support a better, more relaxed temperament in your cats thanks to Hemp Seed Oil.

Features a perfect ratio of fatty acids which helps strengthen your cat’s immune system, supports a healthy weight, and may help promote calmness by helping with external stressors.

Leaves your cat’s fur shining and vibrant because your cat deserves to look as good as he or she feels!

Helps promote general balance and wellbeing in your cat.

Useful against a host of illnesses your cat may face, including seizures, nausea, stress, anxiety, arthritis, back pain, symptoms of cancer, and gastrointestinal issues.

Salmon flavored so your cat likes the taste as much as the benefits!

Huggibles Hemp Oil for Cats

Quality American Made Hemp Oil for Happy Cats

We developed Huggibles Organic Hemp Oil to help your fury friend feel better and more relaxed. Organic Hempseed Oil with Omegas may be useful to treat seizures, nausea, stress, anxiety, arthritis, back pain, symptoms of cancer, and gastrointestinal issues, among other health conditions in cats and dogs. Besides the benefits, you can be assured by the fact that our American-made pet omega oil is 100% raw, organic and regulated.

Grown in the USA

Completely water soluble and safe for pets

Provides multiple nutrient benefits

Oral Use

Topical Use

Food Bowls


Organic Omega Oil is best used 1-3 times per day as a daily supplement to support your cat’s health and wellbeing. It is safe for cats of all ages and breeds and provides a host of benefits that will keep your cat comfortable, relaxed, and healthy. And since you can simply add some drops to their food or water, you can rest easy instead of struggling to get your furry friend to take it.

💛 Natural & Organic: Pet oil is made with all natural, organic, raw oil. We never use harmful chemicals.
💛 Natural & Organic: Pet oil is made with all natural, organic, raw oil. We never use harmful chemicals.
💛 Clean & Simple: We believe that clean, simple formulas are best for pets and we list every single ingredient, as well as allergen information and contact information so you know exactly what you are giving your fur babies on their road to good health. Our products are made in the USA in an FDA registered facility.
💛 Satisfaction Guarantee: Your pet’s health, happiness, and longevity are #1 for us. We want you to be completely satisfied with each product that you buy from us, so we offer a no-hassle 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Feel free to contact us at any time for a full refund if you aren’t happy with any of the products purchased from us. Thank you for being a Huggibles customer.

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