Is the McKenzie Method Your Dream Pain Relief For Sciatica?

I am about to make a prediction that will amaze and astound you. Are you ready?

You have sciatica, and more than anything, you want fast pain relief for sciatica.

Okay, you caught me. It is not a prediction as much as it is common sense. I know you want pain relief because I know sciatic pain hurts. I also know that it is hard to deal with, it strikes whenever it sees fit, and it is generally an un-fun thing to have.

Even better than having sciatic pain, you get to figure out how to fix your pain. Now you have two un-fun things to deal with.

You are probably being given advice at every turn. Eat this, take these pills, see this doctor. And the truth is that most of the things you are being told just won’t work.

If you don’t know what is causing your nerve pain, most of the treatments to fix that pain go out the window.

But don’t count yourself out. You are not out of the game, you may just need to change your game plan.

What is your game plan?

No matter what you are being told about your treatment, stick with the one thing that is practically guaranteed to help no matter why you have sciatic nerve pain.

The best thing you can do is to keep stretching. It is by far the easiest, safest, most effective and best way to keep your pain under control.

You want stretches that are simple, work fast, easy to learn, and most important you can do at home. The McKenzie method is definitely the way to go here.

What are the pros and cons of using this?

Pros – it is safe, fast, easy to do, and super easy to learn. You can get a whole book on this at Amazon for an insanely low price of about $10.00

Cons – while it works for 99.99% of people, you may still be part of the.01% that does not find relief. But hey, $10.00 is less than the cost of a copay. So it is a cheap experiment. Also, stretching should not cause you more pain, so you should not have more pain.

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