Masaleb Dog Shampoo

You love your dog and want to take the best care of him that you can. Not only do you feed him right and walk him, but you also shampoo him. Choosing the right shampoo is important for your dog. Masaleb Dog Shampoo is the right shampoo. Using this will be therapeutic if your dog has dermatitis, and it will protect him from getting seborrhea, which is a very common skin disorder that affects pets of all kinds. This shampoo and the other Masaleb products will relieve your dog’s dry, flaking skin and even oily, greasy skin, pruritus and infection. All of the products used together work the best way to protect your dog’s skin.

The 8 oz. shampoo costs $10.99, the 12 oz. is $16.99 and a whole gallon of shampoo is $119.50. You can also purchase the Masaleb pledgets, spray, flush and rinse concentrate.

This shampoo is manufactured by DVM Pharmaceuticals which specialize in health and skin products for all types of animals, especially your pet, or your dog.

When using the shampoo for a treatment, it needs to be used twice a week on your dog until all symptoms have gone. After that, use it once in a while to be sure that the skin condition is cured. Your dog should be thoroughly wet and then apply the shampoo everywhere on his body. After lathering, let the dog stand for about ten minutes. Then rinse it off with clean water and let his coat dry naturally. Do not let him lick the shampoo or come in contact with his nose and mouth.

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