Our Choices for the Best CBD Flower – 10 Brands Reviewed [Updated Feb 2021]


The popularity of the CBD flower, also known as the CBD hemp flower, has been culminating since the federal government divorced differentiated hemp and CBD from their definition of marijuana at the end of 20181. Since that time, nearly all 50 U.S. states have submitted their hemp industry regulatory plan to the U.S. Department of Agriculture for approval and began issuing licenses to hemp farmers and processors. As a result, high-quality CBD products are now common and abundant.  

Some states prohibit the production and sale of hemp flower under the premise that law enforcement agents are not able to tell the difference between hemp flower and marijuana without lab testing. However, anyone can order high-quality high-CBD hemp flower online for smoking, cooking, or vaping and the product would  originate from states where it is legal. 

The popularity of CBD flower is increasing so quickly that even big tobacco companies are plotting their entry into the market. After all, with more smokers dropping tobacco in favor of hemp cigarettes, they are taking market share away from the big guys, and they can’t let that happen. Don’t be surprised if we start seeing Marlboro Hemp Cigarettes appearing on the shelves very soon.

That being said, as with any mass-produced product, the quality won’t match that of the smaller “craft cannabis” brands that we’re going to review in this article. For the best CBD flower, stick with these brands.

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