TMJ Cure – Can You "Cure" TMJ?

Does a TMJ cure exist? Some say yes, some say no. As a TMJ sufferer myself, I would say maybe. I’ll talk about some cures in this article, and what I’ve been doing to alleviate the TMJ pain.

There are several ways you’re supposed to be able to cure TMJ. One is surgery. This is a surgery where they rinse out the joint to stop it from becoming inflamed. Another surgery is where they break your jaw in pieces and reconstruct it. That doesn’t sound like fun to me!

Another TMJ cure is the ever popular mouth guards, appliances or splints. While they do provide some relief to a TMJ sufferer, it doesn’t “cure” your TMJ. It only provides temporary pain relief. These are the splints that hold your mouth open while you sleep. I have used these, and I stopped, because it didn’t help me. It actually made my pain worse. I also drooled like a dog as I slept too.

Some folks say diet can cure TMJ. While I sort of agree with them, I don’t agree that it will cure it. Too many foods like jerky or too much chewy meat can make TMJ worse. Be eliminating some of these foods, you can get some relief, but again it won’t cure TMJ.

I’ve recently been using some exercises in front of my mirror at home. These have worked better than anything for me. I’ve gotten pain relief and my TMJ flare ups don’t happen for more than a day, when they used to last for a week at a time. I hope as I use these I’ll have the TMJ cure. The important thing to remember is that exercises like this are fixing the cause of your problems be strengthening your jaw muscles and providing a long term solution, not a band-aid to a problem.

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