Traumeel Cream Ingredients

Most homeopathic remedies cannot come close to the effectiveness of the natural ingredients of Traumeel cream. Its arsenal of herbs collected from century old knowledge attests to the fact that millions of people have already benefited from its healing powers. From medical practitioners to mothers, they all sing praises to the magic of this cream.

Its active ingredient, Arnica Montana also known as Wolf’s Bane, a plant commonly found in European meadows and moors, has the same properties of natural ibuprofen, a mild pain reliever and is also known for its anti-inflammatory effects in healing wounds and abrasions. Chamomile, a known mild sedative is also present in the cream. It is commonly found in stores sold as tea. It is known as a relaxant or stress reliever.

Another herb present is the Belladonna or Nightshade. Although is commonly known as a toxic plant, in small doses, it is used as herbal medicine for a variety of ailments like headaches, PMS, ulcers, motion sickness and inflammations. It also has anti-spasmodic and mild sedative ingredients, perfect to relax those muscle cramps and to relax the body. Witch Hazel, whose leaves and bark are known for its astringent properties and are commonly used for aftershaves, lotions and for the treatment of insect bites, are also a part of the cream. Acne control is one of the special medicinal properties of this plant and it is vital part of Traumeel cream’s natural ingredients.

Monkshood, a plant popular in Asian traditional medicine is also one of the active ingredients. According to Chinese culture, in the wrong dose, administration of monkshood might cause death. In the correct dose, it could treat your “yang” or “coldness” or lack of body warmth. It also has the anesthetic ingredient vital in pain relief remedies.

The Narrow Leafed Corn Flower, a plant found in North America and seemingly popular for its general medicinal properties. It is said to be used in the treatment of the common cold is widely known as a plant that boosts a person’s immune system. Aside from that, it is also famous among the North American Plains Indians as a cure for a cough and sore throat and as an analgesic for head and body aches.

Comfrey, a herb that contains “Allantoin”, the chemical the speeds up the natural replacement of body cells, is also used in this cream. It is reported that it can promote the treatment of broken bones, sprains, arthritis, as well as burns and acne.

These are only some of the popular ingredients of this wonder cream. These ingredients have been tried and tested for centuries by different cultures around the world. What more information do we need to believe in the power of these nature’s products? From backaches, arthritis, muscle pains, burns, wounds and scars, to the speedy recovery from sports injuries this cream treats it all. Traumeel cream’s natural ingredients are truly an amazing and safe homeopathic solution to almost every ailment one can experience and it’s safe for all ages.

To learn more about Traumeel cream ingredients and what makes this natural pain reliever so potent, then visit this excellent resource.

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