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YouVeda understands your need for maintaining optimal wellness. That’s why we created My Healthy Mood. This kit boasts of Ayurvedic herbs and supplements that promote sharper focus and a positive disposition. Your Daily Dose of Ayurvedic Supplements The mental and physical stress of everyday activities can make it hard for your mind and body to maintain the right balance. For this purpose, rely on the transformative powers of all-natural Ayurvedic supplements. With our daily supplements, your body and mind can achieve optimum balance naturally and easily. The Intelligence of Ayurveda Our well-balanced ingredients are made from a unique Ayurvedic blend of Ashwagandha, Saffron, Bacopa and Shilajeet. These organically grown and wild-harvested herbs work harmoniously to improve mind function. While alleviating the symptoms of brain fog, they also help manage your natural response to pain and stress, making our mood supplements a cut above the rest. 1 Month Supply in Every Kit My Healthy Mood provides more than adrenal support daily. In every kit, you’ll find 30 packets with 5 vegan capsules. Take 1 packet a day to provide your mind and body the nourishment needed to help you stay on top of your game. 5 YouVeda Health Kits Available Complete your wellness routine with YouVeda health and wellness kits: My Healthy Body My Healthy Mood My Healthy Digestion My Healthy Joints My Healthy Immunity Highly Recommended by Wellness Experts and Doctors The effective formulations of YouVeda health kits resulted from the expertise of our team of doctors with 45 years combined experience. All of our formulations are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices. Today, YouVeda ranks among the most trusted Ayurvedic health solutions in the market. It’s endorsed by wellness experts such as Sahara Rose, Jay Shetty, Melissa Ambrosini, various doctors, health coaches, nurses, yoga practitioners, nutritionists and more!

Boosts Mental Clarity – Each herbal mood supplement kit supports healthy adrenals by helping calm the mind. It addresses brain fog and the brain’s natural response to pain and stress. Its potent blend of herbs and supplements makes you feel amazing inside and out.
100% Vegan and Tridoshic – The Ayurvedic blend in our vegan supplement includes Ashwagandha, Saffron, Bacopa and Shilajeet. We combined their health benefits to create an ideal formulation that yields long-lasting and noticeable results.
Doctor-Formulated, Professionally Manufactured – All 5 capsules in each packet of Ayurvedic supplements promote healthy mental and emotional flexibility. They all contain a powerful combination of natural, Non-Gmo ingredients without gluten.
Made with Your Optimal Wellness in Mind – Staying on top of your game every day comes easy with YouVeda. Our wellness formula capsules with naturally grown and wild harvested herbs are made in accordance with good manufacturing practices.

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